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Should your new home have one or two levels? Deciding on how many stories your home has is one of the earliest decisions you’ll make regarding your home layout. There are pros and cons to each, and the right answer comes down to what will best suit your own needs and preferences. If you’re building a double-storey home, the good news the vast majority of home builders offer at least some double-storey house designs. These can come in the form of an extensive range of designs, custom home designs or house and land packages. Today, we’re taking a closer look at double-storey homes in Brisbane. We’ll be providing links to our builder reviews and display village summaries so you can get all the info you need.

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Looking to build a double-storey home in Brisbane?

How We Can Help You

Building a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life. At Buildi, we’ll be there throughout the entire building process, guiding you step by step so you can avoid any pitfalls. We will help you by following these steps.

  1. Free Consultation – We will sit with you to understand what you are looking to accomplish.
  2. Due Diligence – We work with you to ensure you’re buying the right block of land at the right price without hidden problems.
  3. Builders tender – We will take your requirements out to the market of builders and they will bid to win your business.
  4. Present solutions – We will compile the top 3 options and present you with a comprehensive proposal on builders’ strengths & weaknesses along with prices and specifications.
  5. Contract Signing – We will work with you and your selected builder to ensure there is full transparency in what you are entering into.
  6. Building your home – We work closely with the builder to ensure all service levels are met and your project is on schedule.

Double storey Home builders in Brisbane

Morcraft Homes

Murphy Homes

Porter Davis Homes

Where can I find double-storey display homes in Brisbane?

There aren’t many display villages that don’t feature double-storey home designs, so you’ll likely find something at your nearest display centre. It’s still worth doing some research so you find display homes from builders you’re interested in. Double-storey designs can vary a lot as it’s a pretty broad category, so consider what other features and fixtures you’d like in your new home.

Here are just a few places you can find double-storey display homes around Brisbane (click on the name of the display village you’re interested in to find out more):


Foreshore Coomera

North Harbour



What are the design elements of a double-storey home house?


With the extra room another floor offers, you’ll have more flexibility with how you arrange your floor plan. This doesn’t mean all planning can be thrown out the window (no matter how much space you have, poor choices can still be made during the design stages). However, it does allow you to have spacious bedrooms, an extra study or room for entertaining, extra bathrooms, or whatever best suits your family’s lifestyle.

Creating Buffer Zones

A double-storey home, when planned well, can provide plenty of privacy and living space for your family. You’ll also have a range of flexibility when it comes to how to arrange your living space. A great layout that can help with preventing noise from carrying throughout the house, meaning your kids can have a movie night downstairs, while you read a book upstairs.

Size of your Footprint

The size of your property will determine how large your house can be, especially if your lot width is on the smaller side. One of the advantages of double-storey designs is it allows you to navigate around this limitation by building up.


There’s no getting around it. If you choose to go with a two-storey house design, there’ll be stairs in your home. This can either be no big deal or a deal breaker depending on who the home is for. Consider how long you plan to live in this house. Stairs might not be an issue now, but perhaps they will in ten years.


One of the downsides of a double-storey home is they’re more of a chore to clean. This is due to both the larger size, and the fact you’ll need to lug your vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. For anyone nervous about heights (and even for those who aren’t) cleaning the gutters are going to be a pain.

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